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West Bay Land for Sale – Grand Cayman

Located on the sunset side of Grand Cayman Island, West Bay is both a tropical haven and a real estate investor’s dream. If you’re planning to buy property in this gorgeous Grand Cayman location, Edgewater Group will help you make the right choice with up-to-date listings of West Bay land for sale.  
This residential area is quiet, safe, clean, and green, and you don’t need to leave the island for your needs and luxuries. Within minutes, you can drive to public beaches, local markets, shopping centers, and delectable restaurants. Whether you want land facing the ocean or prefer living away from the flock of tourists, West Bay has it all.

West Bay in All Its Glory 

Overlooking the deep-blue Caribbean waters, West Bay is home to more than 15,400 residents. Imagine building a home in this diverse and tight-knit community. There is nothing like designing and crafting your dream house from the ground up.

West Bay has a whole lot to offer to both year-round residents and tourists:

  • Unlimited access to tranquil beaches
  • Water and outdoor sports
  • Top-rated restaurants
  • Verdant public parks
  • Excellent academic institutions
  • Modern healthcare facilities
  • A myriad of retail options
  • Financial services
  • Employment opportunities
  • International airport

This district has a wide range of vacant lots available for sale at amazing prices. From beachfront properties to inland lots surrounded by lush forests, West Bay has some of the best land in the market. The soil quality in some areas is fertile enough to allow farming or permaculture, although locations near the sea are sandy.

Investing in real estate is a decision you will never regret. Prices depend on the number of acres you wish to buy, with real estate costs ranging from below $100,000 to more than $1,000,000. Keep in mind that these prices do not include legal fees and construction costs. You can also opt to buy land that includes an existing house or a unit in a condo building if you wish to move in quickly.

Why Choose Us

Uncertain about the next steps in selecting land in West Bay? If you are unfamiliar with the property market in the British West Indies, rest assured that Edgewater Group is at your service.

Edgewater Group is a reliable and one-of-a-kind real estate firm that offers a comprehensive range of property services. Our sales specialists are highly trained and qualified to meet your real estate requirements to the letter. Not only that, but we also post property listings that are verified and updated, so you can quickly find the best options. In case you have questions, our customer service team is a phone, fax message, or email away.

We have been in the business for over 25 years with operations on all three islands, with our headquarters in historic George Town. Our enterprise has two divisions: Edgewater Development Ltd. and Edgewater Properties Ltd. Our track record speaks for itself, while our satisfied customers are our legacy.

Explore Real Estate Listings

Without leaving the comfort and safety of your home, you can view West Bay vacant land for sale in Grand Cayman on the Edgewater Group website. Select your preferred settings, run a search, and compare online property listings on your desktop. Soon, you will reap the long-term rewards of purchasing a slice of this beautiful Caribbean isle.

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