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Seven Mile Beach Houses for Sale – Grand Cayman

For years, Seven Mile Beach has been lauded as one of the best beaches in the entire world. Along with attracting thousands of tourists to Grand Cayman every year, the beach also attracts foreign investors who understand how the real estate market could work in their favor. If you’re in the market for a house, Seven Mile Beach has attractive listings of houses for sale.  
Living on Seven Miles Beach is akin to living on the Earth’s version of paradise. The gorgeous coral sand and the pristine water is the reason for so many people migrating to the area.

Seven Mile Beach is an ideal setting for a luxury lifestyle. It has much to offer for everyone who makes it their home, be it retirees, families, or individuals. From leisure walks on the beach to wide-spanning golf courses and indulging in fine dining, the Seven Mile Beach does not fall short on offering recreational sports and a top-of-the-world lifestyle.

With basic amenities within easy reach and the many attractions that come with it, Seven Mile Beach properties are priced on a relatively higher scale. But for those who understand how an investment works, this is not really a drawback. If you weigh in the pros that come with living on Seven Mile Beach, you’ll see it’s an investment worth making.

The economy of Seven Mile Beach scales new heights every day, all thanks to the ever-increasing demand of the location. You can be assured you won’t be losing any of the capital you invested. When it comes to the Seven Mile Beach houses, there’s only room for profit. No loss.

The Edgewater Group

If you’re looking for the perfect house to call home, the Edgewater Group can help. We’ve been in the business longer than anybody else on Grand Cayman. With 25+ years of experience, we’ve learned and adapted to our clients’ needs and preferences.

Edgewater Group functions through two divisions:

  • Edgewater Development Ltd. — Specializing in the construction of all types of residential and commercial projects. We’ve completed over $40 million in construction projects from the time the company came into existence. No project is too big or small for us. We also design houses, custom-build interior fit-outs, and renovate. We do everything it takes to transition a property from four walls and a roof to a beautiful home, adding personal touches of our clients as we go.
  • Edgewater Properties Ltd. — From buying, selling, and leasing luxury real estates to providing property management and concierge services, Edgewater is a one-stop shop for all your real estate needs. We strive to make your stay a pleasant one.


Edgewater has varied listings when it comes to real estate. We can help you find the perfect high-end residential home to suit your lifestyle and lay the foundation for a highly satisfying retirement.

Contact Us

Seven Mile Beach is a treasure trove, and Grand Cayman keeps up with the increasing demand for properties. There’s a steady flow of houses for sale in the Seven Mile Beach area. You can visit our website and browse through the options available at your disposal. If you have any queries or need a representative of our team to walk you through the process, just give us a call.

We strongly believe our clients deserve nothing but the best. With Edgewater Group, you will always come first. We look forward to working alongside you in building your dream home.

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