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Rum Point Properties – Grand Cayman

Everything about Rum Point properties on Grand Cayman screams luxury and the good life. If you’re looking to live it up in style, Rum Point is just the place to invest. From a vibrant beach life to modern infrastructure, this location offers its residents the finest amenities.

Rum Point Properties - Grand Cayman

Looking for properties that suit your needs and fit your budget can be tiresome and time-consuming. For the utmost care and convenience, allow us at Edgewater Group to show you the best properties in this beautiful coastal region.

Benefits of Investing in Rum Point

For exquisite long-term rentals with awe-inspiring views of the shoreline, look no further. Given its remote location and natural beauty, this coastal destination knocks it out of the park as far as housing properties are concerned. The beachfront homes here are tastefully constructed and wonderfully complemented by turquoise views of the Caribbean.

If you’re into watersports, Rum Point has many activities to offer. The shallow and clear waters are perfect for a swim. There are also plenty of dive sites in the area that are ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Large and Luxurious Properties

Packed with exotic and lively flora and fauna, every spot in and around Rum Point is picture-perfect. Most of the properties here are large and spacious, Including the condos. Rum Point properties give you many ways to interact with the great outdoors with real estate that has great ventilation and scenic views.

Beachfront cottages offer expansive, deluxe-style floor plans that range from 1,000 to 3,000 square feet. Some even come with exclusive entrances to Rum Point Beach. 

Essentials Within Easy Reach

Ideal for vacations and holidays, Rum Point properties are the epitome of comfort and extravagance. From fresh produce markets to excellent schools, all the essentials are within easy reach. Its close proximity to George Town and the popular Seven Mile Beach ensures you’re never completely cut off from civilization.

If you want to enjoy a calm and quiet time at the beach, Rum Point Beach will welcome you with its soft white sand and blue waters. Its coastline is full of life, music, and the most delicious cocktails. For the best seafood and live barbeque, try The Wreck Bar & Grill. For a delectable lunch and dinner spread, Rum Point Club Restaurant is a must-visit. 

Live A Tax-Free Life

Bid farewell to direct taxes when you move to the Cayman Islands. There is a one-time duty stamp of 7.5% and you’re good to go. You will never pay property tax, income tax, or inheritance tax for property in Rum Point.

Enjoy Hassle-Free Immigration

The immigration process for those looking to invest in Grand Cayman real estate is smooth, easy, and seamless. The Cayman Islands is extremely welcoming of foreigners and allows them to easily buy property without complications or annual property taxes.

Choose Edgewater Group

Edgewater Group is a unique boutique property group in the Cayman Islands. We know the islands inside and out and have been serving our customers for more than 25 years. With our comprehensive and client-focused services, we’ve helped many residents call Rum Point "home".

Edgewater Group has access to a multiple listing service to help you find the best properties in Grand Cayman, including Rum Point. Check out our property listings and let us help you find the idyllic property for your needs.

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