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Luxury Home Builder Grand Cayman

Unlike many other offshore jurisdictions in the world, Grand Cayman has no restrictions on property ownership. If you have dreamed of living in paradise or owning a vacation home here, Edgewater Group is a skilled luxury home builder that can meet your every need.

Edgewater Group is a boutique property group, the only one of its kind in the Cayman Islands, which enables us to offer the most comprehensive and cohesive property service on island. Edgewater Properties Ltd can assist you with buying, selling, leasing, or property management. Edgewater Development Ltd can help you build, renovate, or fit out large and small residential and commercial projects.

Tips for Building a Vacation Home

Building (or buying) a vacation home can be a dream come true. As you might have guessed, however, there are some things to consider before taking the plunge.

Choose the Location Carefully

When considering the Caribbean, there are many islands to choose from. Each has its own idiosyncrasies and its own charms. If the main reason for building this luxury home is for you and your loved ones to gather together and enjoy it as a family, it should be in an area that is easily accessible for everyone.

Rent First

Before locking yourself in, rent a home in the area you’re considering to be sure you like it. Stay for at least two weeks to make sure you don’t get bored during extended stays. Visit at different times of the year. This will give you a good idea about traffic, crowds, restaurants, and other activities available on the island.

Make a Budget

Put together a budget and determine if a vacation home is within your means. Make certain that you have an understanding of all costs. One major advantage of building or buying a home on Grand Cayman is that the Cayman Islands is a tax-free country. No property tax, no sales tax, no income tax, no inheritance tax, no gift tax, no corporate tax, and duty-free shopping. Food and essentials are relatively affordable, but utilities and other monthly costs can be pretty expensive, including internet, entertainment and dining out.

Have a Rental Plan

Many owners of second and third homes make their investments work to their advantage by placing their homes in a rental program with a local property management company. With our 25 years in property management, Edgewater Properties can give you peace of mind by taking care of all your property rental needs.

Understand the Maintenance Expenses

Every property has maintenance requirements, from fixing leaky faucets, to painting and repairs in the aftermath of tropical storms. When creating a budget, plan for annual maintenance costs equal to 2% of the home’s overall value and more If you’re on the beach. (Salty air is corrosive.)

Follow these few simple rules, and your path to owning a vacation home in paradise will get easier.  

As you look for a luxury home builder in Grand Cayman, consider partnering with Edgewater Group. Get in touch with us at +1 (345) 946-3343, or contact us online for more information.

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