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Cayman Kai Homes for Sale

If you wish to make Cayman Kai your home, Edgewater Group has just the right listings of homes for sale.

Cayman Kai Homes for Sale  
The calm waters of one of the Caribbean’s finest beaches, access to modern infrastructure and amenities, top-tier job opportunities, and a luxury lifestyle are only a few of the reasons why moving to Cayman Kai is a dream come true for many.

Moving to Cayman Kai

Apart from the obvious beach-related attractions, Cayman Kai is a treasure trove of possibilities and opportunities.

Privacy and Security

Cayman Kai provides security and an element of privacy while retaining the friendly atmosphere and neighborhood that it’s known for. At Cayman Kai, you’ll always have a community to belong to.

It has a low crime rate so, if you’re someone who’s looking to move here with their family or a couple planning to start a family, there’s no better place than the Cayman Islands.

Tax-Free Lifestyle

Living in Cayman Kai is like living a tax-free lifestyle. You don’t have to pay taxes on anything, not even on your income.

When you purchase a home in Cayman Kai, you only pay one-time stamp duty. There are no taxes on your property, so you can save $$$ easily. Pair this with Cayman Kai’s rising economy, and you’ll understand just how beneficial living in Cayman Kai can be.

Access to Basic Amenities

While Cayman Kai is notorious for offering a simple lifestyle, you’ll never find yourself stretched thin when accessing basic amenities and other conveniences as it has its fair share of stores providing consumer goods and services. You can also find a fresh selection of groceries in Cayman Kai’s lone grocery store. And if you’re looking for fine dining, the fine restaurants on the island make luxury dining a reality.

When you can’t find something in Cayman Kai, you can import from offshore. Of course, you’ll be levied a 22% duty on the import items so make sure you factor this in your budget.

Schooling and Relocation Process

As with relocating to any other location, there is paperwork to deal with in Cayman Kai too. If you’re traveling with kids, make sure you enroll them in a reputed school well beforehand. The schools all offer a quality education system, so you can be assured your kid will have the best education Cayman Kai can provide.

Linking with a property management firm like Edgewater Group can make your relocation process fairly quick and easy.

Edgewater Group: A One-Stop Shop for All Your Property Needs

Founded in 1988, Edgewater Group addresses all your property needs. From purchasing land and constructing the house to purchasing a house and making renovations, there’s nothing Edgewater Group can’t do.

We understand everyone has their unique set of needs, and we strive to meet them all. When you choose us as your property manager, you choose the best. The team at Edgewater Group leaves no stone unturned in their mission to find the perfect fit for you and help you transform a house into a home.

Contact Us

If you’re on the lookout for homes for sale in Cayman Kai, Edgewater can help. We have multiple listings on our website, available round the clock for your perusal. If you wish to get into the fine details or have any queries, give us a call.

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