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Cayman Islands Real Estate for Sale Rum Point

The Cayman Islands are home to the most memorable and exotic island destinations, and Rum Point tops the list, hands down. Located along the northern coast of Grand Cayman, this gem of a place is where your vacation home should be.

Cayman Islands Real Estate for Sale Rum Point  
Rum Point is everything you’d imagined a tropical beach resort would be. It’s got the best beaches, amazing restaurants, a plethora of watersports, and a friendly community. From budget-friendly condos to high-end water-front bungalows, every aspect of this place is awe-inspiring. If you’re thinking about investing in Cayman Island Real Estate, Edgewater Group has a long list of properties to show you. 

What Can Edgewater Group Do for You? 

Edgewater Group has 25 years of expertise in the real estate and construction industry. Since 1988, we have mastered the art of selling, buying, leasing, and renovating properties across the Cayman Islands. Our client testimonials are proof of the fact that we understand the Caribbean real estate market. Be it high-end residential condos to commercial real estate, our listings have it all.

We are a team of property professionals and offer quality customer service to meet your real estate needs. Headquartered in George Town, Grand Cayman, we run our operations with the help of two separate companies. We run our construction business as Edgewater Development Ltd. and as Edgewater Properties Ltd., we specialize in buying and selling high-end real estate.

We have streamlined our processes to fit your demanding schedules and time constraints. We aim to make real estate hunting a breezy and lighthearted, but thorough, affair for you. 

Rum Point – For Best Selling Real Estate

Rum Point has a prosperous and fast selling real estate market. Irrespective of the size of the properties and their prices, the real estate here boasts top-notch quality. Known to have some of the most pristine beaches of the world, Rum Point is especially attractive for its marine life and beach sports. Tourists from around the world come here to dive, snorkel, and relax.

Beachfront homes are spacious at 1,000 to 3,000 square feet. Rum Point properties have lawns, swimming pools, and outhouses, too. If you’re looking for homes by the beach, you could get all-exclusive access here.

Secluded and remote, Rum Point is idyllic for an ultra-private vacation home. Escape the busy city life and sunbathe on the white-sand shores of Rum Point Beach. There are palm trees all across Rum Point, and every nook and corner of this island is click-worthy.

Life in Rum Point is safe, secure, and luxe. All your essentials like grocery markets, pharmacies, and produce markets are right around the corner. From good schools to state-of-the-art hospitals, Rum Point has top-notch amenities.

Contact Edgewater Group

Rum Point real estate is always in high demand and the properties here sell quickly. Edgewater Group takes a special interest in fulfilling your real estate demands. From lavish condominiums to opulent mansions, we have a whole lot of real estate goodness in store for you. Take a look at our website and our listings for the best real estate for sale in Rum Point, Cayman Islands, and make an appointment today.

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