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If you are looking to build a commercial property then look no further. Our extensive knowledge of both the construction industry and the commercial needs on island allow us to offer the most comprehensive and streamlined service available.

Our in house quantity surveyor can provide bids and tenders to satisfy your company’s requirements, each bid is meticulously scrutinized to ensure the project will get completed to the highest standards on time and within budget.


With over 25 years of experience building properties of all different shapes and sizes we have really built to every different design spec, whether you are looking to build  an office block, shopping plaza or anything in between, we can make that happen. Our team of experienced professionals know just how to interpret your vision and get it down on paper. We also have our own in house interior design team that can work alongside our construction team to ensure the interior matches the future of the building perfectly and makes sure it is the most functional use of the space whilst also being visually exactly as you envisioned.


Our in house quantity surveyor with over 25 years experience and honest and transparent relationships across all the sub-trades will calculate your project cost down to the last nail. He will gain the most competitive quotes and price up the build to allow you to see a full project cost analysis and one that you can call on to see how the budget looks throughout your project.


When we say we do it all, we truly mean we do it all. Every stress is taken off your hands – once you have approved the drawings presented to you and made any changes you might want to make we will submit it to planning for approval. Your specific Project Manager for your project will keep you in the loop every step of the way.


Your in-house Project Administrator will personally ensure that everything that is required for your build whether that is on island or overseas will be bought to your specifications and will deal with everything from purchase, shipping, duty and clearing.


You will already be well accustomed with your project team at this point which will consist of your in office Project Administrator and Contracts Administrator, on site Foreman and Project Manager, your Quantity Surveyor and your Designer. Upon breaking ground you will see the Edgewater team busy working away to get the job completed in a cost and time effective manner. Depending how hands on you wish you be you may get to know the team very well as it will be the same team working on your project throughout, this is how we ensure that care is taken and responsibility for your project is felt by every member of the team. Our team takes great pride in the work being done so everyone from the project manager to the excavator operator feels a responsibility to your project throughout. 


We will always endeavor to get the project completed to the day that was originally specified, generally hold ups can occur due to last minute design changes or add on’s late in the project. We will always accommodate whatever you wish for your project which means that we will never just walk out on your project before you are completely happy with it. If there is a last minute design change you want to make all we ask is that you are understanding of the effect that might have on the timeline however be assured we will always get it completed as quickly as we possibly can.


We will submit for all final inspections of the property and get permanent power turned on and then can hand over your property to you. 

Some of our notable projects include the following: