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Company History

The Edgewater Group has been breaking ground and building dream homes for nearly 20 years however for the founders of the company Kris and Debi Bergstrom their property journey started long before that. Please explore our history on the timeline below.

  • Kris & Debi Build Their First House

    Kris & Debi Bergstrom took their first dive into the construction business. Kris had grown up around remodels and construction with his parents hotel, Tortuga Club, and built the home around his flight schedule as a pilot for Cayman Airways. They built their first home just in time to bring their daughter home from the hospital !

  • Edgewater Development Ltd is Incorporated

    Edgewater Development Ltd was incorporated on March 29th 1999. By this time Kris and Debi had built three of their own homes, had two children and were receiving many requests from friends to build their homes so it was the perfect time to start the company!

  • Edgewater Development’s First Build for a Client

    Edgewater built their first home for clients and as you can see it was quite the property!

  • Community Project Miss Cleo’s Home Renovation

    Edgewater Development managed and worked with the community in rebuilding Miss Cleo’s home that was devastated during Hurricane Ivan.

  • Renovation of the Bodden Town Civic Center

    One of Edgewater’s first commercial projects was the renovation and expansion of the Bodden Town Civic Center which is also one of the local hurricane shelters.

  • Mosquito Research Center Hanger

    We built the hanger that houses the Mosquito plane for the Mosquito Research center of the Cayman Islands.

  • Edgewater Properties Joins the Edgewater Group

    Debi Bergstrom started Edgewater Properties in 2014 after working in Real Estate since 2009. Edgewater Properties is a CIREBA authorised boutique real estate agency able to offer a ‘one stop shop’ for clients real estate needs, utilizing the teams’ knowledge of construction and design both new and renovations with their knowledge of the real estate market in Cayman to ensure Edgewater clients always have all the information and guidance to make a solid and forward thinking property investment.

  • Edgewater Development’s First Design & Build in Little Cayman

    In 2015 Edgewater was approached to take on the challenge of designing & building the stunning Beach House in Little Cayman – Find out more about the project here.

  • Edgewater Development Wins Governors Award for Design Excellence

    We were thrilled to have been awarded the Governors Award for Design Excellence for the Beach House in Little Cayman